November 2017: Good Data, Bad Info

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Presented by Michael Scofield, M.B.A.

Assistant Professor, Loma Linda University

Producing decision-able information from lots of raw data often requires complex processes which must be carefully designed and architected.

This presentation looks at the gap between raw data and decision-able information. Most of the chatter about data quality focuses upon raw, granular data describing discrete events and entities inside the enterprise and around it. But for data warehouses and decision-support, data must be converted into useful information meaningful to the decision-maker.

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June 2017: How Automation Can Help You Implement Governed Data Discovery

Presented by Joseph Treadwell

Lead Solution Specialist at TimeXtender North America

In today’s age of analytics, businesses are demanding self-service access to their corporate data, while struggling to make sense of raw data at the source. In response to this, recent analyst reports have revealed a new form of BI architecture known as Governed Data Discovery.
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